A Crude Revolution

A Case study on how Phase 2 Interactive helped our client create revolutionary technology to elevate crude oil purchasing, transportation, and tracking to the next level; changing an entire industry.

An Industry Wide Problem

Paper based tracking methods made the process long, unorganized and unreliable.

Paper tickets jammed
into mason jars
taking weeks to

Thousands of oil leases and
millions of dollars;
little certainty

Tracking crude oil with paper tickets causes issues in all phases of the process and for everyone involved. Tickets are misplaced, calculations are wrong, information is missing, security risks are high and efforts are, at minimum, duplicated. In addition the time between actual oil movement and knowing about it causes significant financial risks.

Our Solution

A customized mobile and web app that allows GPS tracking, near real time ticket information, and accurate data collection

Instant and up
to date ticket

Global tracking with
GPS for accurate
lease and truck tracking

We built a custom solution that has allowed our client to, not only build a new business, but to revolutionize the crude oil transportation industry. The robust platform, built using proven technology and development practices, has helped them attract the attention of major energy companies. With continued expansion into more lines of business, the Conquest RT platform has an ever growing, bright future.

How We Suceeded

Attention to detail and great user experience are key aspects of our roadmap to success. Using the P2 Discovery process, we were able to quickly understand the real human needs and issues, then solve those with great software features.


Instant Ticketing

Normally, it takes several days to process tickets. With the Conquest RT App, tickets are instantly updated when a driver picks up and drops off crude. No more waiting for the mail to come; tickets are emailed directly to the right people in real time or accessed directly from the online portal.



Messy, unreadable tickets are a thing of the past. Conquest RT provides digital tickets, including signatures from the driver and witness. Using the latest touch technology, all data and signatures are captured on the iPad and transferred immediately to the customized data flow.


Lease Selection

With Conquest RT, finding the right lease and destination is easy. GPS information is stored with each lease, ensuring drivers know the right pickup and dropoff location. Even choosing a lease in the field is easy with Conquest RT; the closest lease is always the top choice removing mistakes.


Specialized GPS

Highly accurate information about your leases and destinations is critical to the success of transporting crude. Using the sophisticated GPS technology of the iPad, Conquest RT stores and updates highly accurate location data, making it easy to track crude movement with precision.


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Our History

Founded by Mark Towler in the late 1990s, Phase 2 Interactive is an Oklahoma City-based software development company. For nearly 15 years, we have been on the leading edge of custom business software development and solutions. From smart phone and tablet software, to web application and enterprise software, our team works smart and hard to bring value to every customer experience.

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